Residency Program Directors' Committee


The Residency Program Directors’ Committee supports and advises the departmental program directors (PDs) to help programs meet Royal College of Physician & Surgeons accreditation standards and implement the department’s educational mandate for postgraduate education.

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the development and implementation of department-wide best practices, educational policies/guidelines
  • To oversee the development of administrative supports for faculty & administrative staff
  • To facilitate sharing of best practices across programs in order to support each program in meeting accreditation standards
  • To identify opportunities for collaboration across residency programs in the department of medicine

Commitee Membership

Ex Officio Members

Sub Committee

Meeting Schedule

The DoM Residency Program Directors’ Committee meets monthly (with the exception of July and August) and all meetings are held in the Department Medicine boardroom unless otherwise specified.  All PDs are expected to attend at least 75% of the meetings, as per their departmental contracts. The meeting times and meeting length vary to accommodate the PDs schedules.

September, November, December, February, March and June meetings will be 45 Minutes in length. October and April meetings will be two hours in length (one hour will be a session focused on professional development with a guest speaker). In January and May PDs will be expected to participate in the Postgraduate Medical Education All Program Directors’ Meeting.