Iron deficiency affects half of pregnancies, yet many women aren’t screened: U of T study

One in two women in Ontario have low iron levels during pregnancy, but more than one-third of pregnant women are not tested for iron deficiency, University of Toronto researchers have found. The researchers said the findings underscore the need to revisit clinical guidelines to ensure that testing for ferritin, a blood protein that stores iron and provides a standard measure of iron deficiency, is a routine part of maternal care and pregnancy health screenings.
Sep 1 / 2021

We Must Do Better

Sage is one of the four sacred medicines for many First Nations
Jun 24 / 2021

U of T Endocrinologist to Lead ‘Powerhouse’ Diabetes Research Network

A noted diabetes researcher and public health advocate from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health has been selected lead a “powerhouse” research network that will impact the global fight against diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. Physician and Associate Professor Lorraine Lipscombe of the Department of Medicine has been appointed director of the Novo Nordisk Network for Healthy Populations.
Jun 17 / 2021

Statement on Islamophobia

Together We Stand
Jun 10 / 2021