Geriatric Medicine: Awards

The Barry J. Goldlist Teacher of the Year Award

This award is presented annually to a division member who has demonstrated excellence in teaching in the postgraduate program by the current year’s resident cohort. This award was named in honour of Dr. Goldlist’s outstanding dedication as a leader in the field of geriatric medicine and serves as an enduring legacy of his visionary leadership, mentorship and contributions to education.

Academic Year

Award Recipient

2019-2020 Camilla Wong
2018 - 2019 Karen Ng
2017-2018 Vicky Chau
2016-2017 Shabbir Alibhai
2015-2016 Camilla Wong
2014-2015 Karen Ng
2013-2014 Dov Gandell
2012-2013 Dov Gandell
2011-2012 Barry Goldlist
2010-2011 Barry Goldlist
2009-2010 Thiru Yogaparan
2008-2009 Thiru Yogaparan
2007-2008 Terumi Izukawa
2006-2007 Shabbir Alibhai
2004-2005 Terumi Izukawa
2003-2004 Shabbir Alibhai
2002-2003 Sharon Marr
2001-2002 Shabbir Alibha
2000-2001 Heather McDonald
1999-2000 Karen Fruetel
1998-1999 Karen Fruetel
1997-1998 Karen Fruetel
1996-1997 Barry Goldlist
1995-1996 Barry Goldlist
1994-1995 Barry Goldlist
1993-1994 Jim Kirkland


The prestigious Esther and Saul Baker Awards are presented annually to clinicians and medical trainees in recognition of their excellent and outstanding contributions in the care of older patients across the University Health Network (UHN) and Sinai Health in Toronto.

The original Saul Baker Awards were established in 1995 by the late Dr. Gerald Baker, Head of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Sinai Health’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Dr. Michael Baker, UHN's former Physician-in-Chief after their father, Saul Baker, died in 1993. Mr. Baker’s sons and family created these awards for two reasons, first – to-honour their father and second - to thank and recognize the staff of the UHN Geriatrics Program who provided him with the compassionate and expert care he needed near the end of his life.

Since 1995, outstanding medical residents, nurses and allied health professionals at UHN who demonstrate excellence and outstanding contributions in the care of older patients have been continually honoured with this distinguished award.

In 2011, with the Baker family's continued support, this awards program was expanded to include Mount Sinai Hospital and later the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in recognition of the development of a new combined and expanded Healthy Ageing and Geriatrics Program that now spans all Sinai Health and the University Health Network and has grown to become the largest academic geriatrics program in the Greater Toronto Area and possibly Canada.  In recognition of the continuously growing number of trainees that rotate through the program, new award categories were also created to specifically honour additional categories of outstanding medical students, residents and fellows.  Finally, the family also supported the renaming of this new expanded awards program to also honour Esther Baker, Saul’s wife as well, who has for nearly 20 years presented the award to its recipients.

The Esther and Saul Baker Awards are presented each spring at an annual event that includes all generations of the Baker family and help provide an opportunity to reflect on the growth of geriatrics as a specialty in Canada, and the contributions that the Baker Family have made in supporting its development for nearly three decades.


Dr. Christina Reppas-Rindlisbacher (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)
Dr. Serina Dai (Care of the Elderly Fellow)
Dr. Tina Nham (Internal Medicine Resident)
Dr. Anthony Giulliano (Orthopedics Surgery Resident)
Wid Yasseen (Medical Student)
Petal Samuel (UHN Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Brenda Le (UHN Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Julie Hann (UHN Social Worker)
Anna Siciliano (UHN/Sinai Health Social Worker)


Dr. Victoria Yang Yang Jean Xu (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)
Dr. Rebecca Schonnop (Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellow)
Dr. Matthew Raleigh (Orthopedics Surgery Resident)
Dr. Carolyn Michelle Tan (Medical Resident)
Dr. Eshita Kapoor (tied Medical Student)
Dr. Gabriel Soicher (tied Medical Student)
Leila Malone (Sinai Health Social Worker)
Kelvin Chu (UHN Pharmacist)
Ada Kwan (UHN Physiotherapist)
Carli Blanchard (Sinai Health Nurse Practitioner)


Dr. Patrick Jung (tied Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Richard Norman (tied Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Savannah Forrester (Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellow)
Dr. Sally Engelhart (Medical Resident)
Dr. Natalie Daly (Physiatry Resident)
Victoria Chuen (Medical Student)
Lydia Chan (Sinai Health Social Worker)
Rana Jin (UHN Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Oriana Medeiros (UHN Occupational Therapist)


Dr. Katie Krause (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Brittany Ellis (Geriatric Emergency Medicine Fellow)
Dr. Alexander Zach Day (tied Medical Resident)
Dr. Emma Mauti (tied Medical Resident)
Corrie Vincent (Medical Student)
Helen Levin (UHN Social Worker)
Jane Ren (UHN Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Natasha Bhesania (Sinai Health Physiotherapist)
Angelo Mari Panganiban (Sinai Health Pharmacist)


Dr. Katrina Piggott (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Inna Genkin (Family Medical Resident)
Dr. Patrick Jung (Medical Resident)*
Mr. Elliot Lass (Medical Student)
Ms. Alicia Brancier (UHN Nurse)
Ms. Katie Stock (UHN Social Worker)
Ms. Sabrina Haq (Sinai Health Pharmacist)


Dr. Martha Carmichael (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. McKyla McIntyre (Psychiatry Resident)
Dr. Laura Budd (Medical Resident)
Ms. Rukia Swaleh (Medical Student)
Ms. Allison Loucks (PMH Nurse)
Mrs. Catherine Kerry (Sinai Health OT)


Dr. Amanda Gardhouse (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Amanda Goldberg (Medical Resident)*
Dr. Marissa Bonyun (Orthopedics Resident)
Mr. Martin Rotenberg (tied Medical Student)
Mr. Mohammed Farooqi (tied Medical Student)
Ms. Leanne Verscheure (Sinai Health Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Ms. Senait Werkelul (UHN Nurse)


Dr. Jason Kerr (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Anna Holland (tied Medical Resident)
Dr. Antonio Gallo (tied Medical Resident)
Ms. Elizabeth Niedra (tied Medical Student)
Mr. Eric Kaplovitch (tied Medical Student)
Ms. Angella Anderson (UHN Nurse)
Ms. Mary Ann Hamelin (Sinai Health Nurse)


Dr. Dan Liberman (tied Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Catherine Talbot Hamon (tied Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Amol Verma (Medical Resident)
Ms. Katrina Piggott (Medical Student)*
Ms. Raynia Sauvageau (Sinai Health Social Worker)
Ms. April Micks/Ms. Janet Pilgrim (UHN Patient Care Coordinators)


Dr. Vicky Chau (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Grace Leung (Medical Resident)*
Mr. Nathan Stall (Medical Student)
Ms. Katherine Reece (UHN Occupational Therapist)
Ms. Carmelina Marziliano (Sinai Health Social Worker)


Dr. Karen Ng (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)*
Dr. Raza Naqvi (tied, Medical Resident) *
Dr. Jarred Rosenberg (tied, Medical Resident) *
Ms. Helen Levin (UHN Social Worker)
Mr. Chris Fan-Lun (Sinai Health Pharmacist)


Dr. Raymond Kim (Medical Resident)
Ms. Carol Banez (UHN Nurse)


Dr. Nishi Varshney (Medical Resident)*
Ms. Alison Lake (UHN Occupational Therapist)


Dr. Joanne Ho (Medical Resident)*
Ms. Nadia Ianetta (UHN Physiotherapist)


Dr. Mini Joshipura (Medical Resident)*
Ms. Oriana Medeiros (UHN Occupational Therapist)


Dr. Rupert Abdalian (medical resident)

Ms. Sandra Tully (UHN nurse)


Dr Camilla Wong (Medical Resident)*
Ms. Helen Levin/Ms. Zoë Levitt (UHN Social Workers)


Dr. Jacqueline Tsang (Medical resident)

Ms. Elizabeth O (UHN occupational therapist)

2003 Ms. Beth Curiale (UHN Nurse manager)
2002 Dr. Dante Morra (medical resident)
2001 Ms. Kathryn Anne Gemmill (UHN nurse)
2000 Dr. Brendan McCormick (medical resident)
1999 Dr. Wendy Cook (medical resident)

Ms. Sylvia Davidson (UHN Occupational Therapist)


Dr. George Heckman (Medical Resident)*


Mr. Larry Carriere (UHN Nurse)

1995 (inaugural year)


Dr. Shabbir Alibhai (Medical Resident)*
Ms. Floy Crossdale (UHN Nurse)

*Denotes Currently Practicing Geriatrician


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