Current Trainees

Thomas Bodley

Thomas Bodley

Education: BSc Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University; MD, University of Toronto, FRCPC

Division: Critical Care

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Andre Amaral

Title of Research: Barriers and facilitators to the use of evidence-based practices in mechanically ventilated patients

David Croitoru

David Croitoru

Education: BA (Cum Laude, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry), Middlebury College; MSc (candidate, Applied Immunology), University of Toronto; MD, University of Toronto

Division: Dermatology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Vincent Piguet

Title of Research: Microbiome of Epithelial Reservoirs in Pyoderma Gangrenosum: Cohort Screening and Establishing a Biobank  

Robert Grant CSTP

Robert Grant

Education: BA (Hons) Economics, University of Western Ontario; MA (Doctoral Stream) Economics, University of Toronto; MD, University of Toronto, FRCPC

Division: Medical Oncology

Supervisor's Name: Drs. Steven Gallinger and Marzyeh Ghassemi

Title of Research: Predicting Outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer based on Clinical and Genomic Features using Machine Learning

Profile photo of Priti Gross

Priti Gros

Education: MD - Université de Montréal, Neurology residency - University of Toronto

Division: Neurology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Connie Marras, Dr Maria Chiu

Title of Research: Investigating the relationship between phosphoglycerate kinase 1 activator exposure and Parkinson's disease risk and progression

Profile photo of Dylan Kain

Dylan Kain

Education: Bachelor of Science (Queens 2011), MD (University of Toronto, 2015), General Internal Medicine (University of Toronto, 2019), Infectious Diseases (University of Toronto, 2020), Diploma of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Gorgas Course and University of Alabama Birmingham, 2020), Infection Control Fellowship (University of Toronto, 2021)

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisor's Name: Drs. David and Deborah Lewinsohn

Title of Research: Mucosal Invariant T cells and Their Memory Potential - How They May be Crucial in Future Tuberculosis Vaccine Development.

Profile photo of Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

Education: HBSc, University of Toronto; MD, University of Toronto;  FRCPC, University of Toronto

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Ayelet Kuper

Title of Research: Understanding the Experiences of Medical Learners' in an Urban Refugee Clinic

Lauren King

Lauren King

Education: BS in Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame; MSc in Kinesiology, Western University; MBBS (honours and University Medal) University of Sydney

Division: Rheumatology 

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gillian Hawker

Title of Research: Osteoarthritis in People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Determining the Impact on Mobility and Physical Activity, and Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

Profile photo of Erika Lee

Erika Lee

Education: HBSc in Immunology at University of Toronto; MD at University of Ottawa

Division: Internal medicine, Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Supervisor's Name: Dr. David Juurlink

Title of Research: Severe cutaneous adverse reactions following outpatient antibiotic therapy

Profile photo of Kristel Leung

Kristel Leung

Education: BSc (Honours Physiology), University of British Columbia; MD, University of British Columbia; Internal Medicine (FRCPC), University of Ottawa

Division: Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gideon Hirschfield

Title of Research: Primary sclerosing cholangitis: a deep clinical and cross-discipline phenotypic evaluation to improve our understanding of disease course 

Paraish Misra CSTP

Paraish Misra

Education: M.D.C.M. Program, MED-P Stream, McGill University (Dean's Honour List)

Division: Nephrology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Cristina Nostro (Physiology)

Title of Research: The effect of hPSC-derived beta-like cells on diabetic nephropathy

Christina Reppas-Rindlisbacher

Christina Reppas-Rindlisbacher 

Education: MD, University of Toronto; HBSc (Life Sciences) Queen's University

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Paula Rochon

Title of Research: Investigating the cognitive trajectories of patients with delirium after hospital discharge

Profile photo of Shohinee Sarma

Shohinee Sarma

Education: B.ArtsSc (Hons) Economics, McMaster University; MPH Population Epidemiology, Columbia University; MD, McMaster University; FRCPC

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

Title of Research: Weight loss and cardio-metabolic risk prediction 

Profile photo of Sanskriti Sasikumar

Sanskriti Sasikumar

Education: BHSc (Honours), McMaster University; MD, University of Limerick, Ireland; PhD Candidate (IMS, University of Toronto)

Division: Neurology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Antonio Strafella, Dr. Alfonso Fasano

Title of Research: Split-belt treadmill training to rehabilitate freezing of gait in Parkinson's Disease

Vikas Sridhar

Vikas Sridhar

Education: BHSc – McMaster University, MD – McMaster University

Division: Nephrology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. David Cherney 

Title of Research: Efficacy, mechanisms and safety of SGLT2 inhibitors in kidney transplant recipients

Nathan Stall CSTP

Nathan Stall

Education: MD, University of Western Ontario; BSc (Physiology), McGill University

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Paula Rochon 

Title of Research: Caregiving for dementia: determining the physical, mental health, and economic consequences using administrative data

Dr. Maneesh Sud

Maneesh Sud

Education: MD, University of Manitoba; BSc (Hons) Pathobiology, University of Toronto

Division: Cardiology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Dennis Ko

Title of Research: Using Big Data to Develop Models to Predict Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Parul Tandon

Parul Tandon

Education: BSc (Hons) Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University; DO, Michigan State University; FRCPC

Division: Gastroenterology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Geoffrey Nguyen and Dr. Vivian Huang

Title of Research: Risk of Adverse Pregnancy-Related Outcomes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Profile photo of Shaurya Taran

Shaurya Taran

Education: BSc, McGill University; MD, University of Toronto

Division: Critical Care Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Neill Adhikari

Title of Research: Practices of mechanical ventilation in patients with acute neurologic disorders

Bijan Teja

Bijan Teja

Education: BSc in Physics (McGill University); MD/MBA (Dartmouth College)

Division: Critical Care Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Hannah Wunsch

Title of Research: Optimizing vasopressor dosing and administration for patients in shock

Shirine Usmani

Shirine Usmani

Education: Honours Bachelor of Medical Science in Physiology and Pharmacology (BMSc), Western University; Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology (PhD), Western University; Doctor of Medicine (MD), Western University; Internal Medicine (FRCPC), University of Toronto; Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Toronto 

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Minna Woo

Title of Research: The role of JAK2 in musculoskeletal disease and metabolism

Abirami Vijenthira_CSTP

Abirami Vijenthira

Education: BHSc, McMaster University; MD, University of Ottawa

Division: Hematology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Matthew Cheung

Title of Research: Application of the Generalizable Frailty Index using Population-Based Health Administrative Data in Older Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Eric Wong CSTP

Eric Wong

Education: B.Sc. (Toronto), M.D. (McMaster University), PhD Candidate (CEHCR, IHPME, Toronto)

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Sharon Straus

Title of Research: Cost-effectiveness of the geriatrician-led comprehensive geriatric assessment: an economic evaluation in using public health care payer perspective

Julie Wright CSTP

Julie Wright

Education: MD, University of Toronto; MSc (Physiology), University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Kevin Kain

Title of Research: Reducing adverse pregnancy outcomes with L-arginine

Christopher Yarnell _ CSTP

Christopher Yarnell

Education: AB in Mathematics (Princeton University); MD, University of Toronto

Division: Critical Care

Supervisor's Name: Drs. Robert Fowler & George Tomlinson

Title of Research: Advanced Trial Designs in Critical Care Medicine

Profile photo of Alice Zhabokritsky

Alice Zhabokritsky

Education: MSc, York University; MD, Queen's University; FRCPC, University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases 

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Sharon Walmsley 

Title of Research: Evaluation of healthy aging among people living with HIV


Jonathan Zipursky

Education: MD, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth;  BSc (Biochemistry), Queen's University

Division: Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology 

Supervisor's Name: Dr. David Juurlink

Title of Research: Perinatal drug safety and toxicology: Exploring risk factors for maternal self-harm and the safety of postpartum opioids using administrative data